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What should I bring when I drop off?

You must bring a copy of your pet's up to date rabies and distemper vaccine that we can keep on file. 

We feed  Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken & Veggies Recipe Dry Dog Food. We always encourage though that you bring your pet's own food so there is no chance of upset stomach or change in diet.

You may also bring any bedding, toys, treats or bowls. We ask that you label everything. With bedding, please make sure it's machine washable and that it's not a bedding your worried about if your dog chews it. We also offer free washing of your pets bedding if it gets dirty.

*Please note we can not be held responsible for any bedding or toys that your dog may destroy.*

Will my dog be with other dogs?

No, we have 2 buildings on our property, kennel 1 has 17 runs and kennel 3 has 12 runs. Each dog gets their own run inside and outside as well. Your dog may see other dogs next door, but they can not get to each other. 

Please note for the safety of your dog and our staff, we do not offer playtime with other dogs.

Can my dogs be together in a same run? If so, does it cost more?

We offer larger runs so that families with 2 or more dogs can be together. There is no additional charge if they are together or in separate runs.

My dog or cat needs medicine, can you give it to them during their stay.

Yes, we can give medicine to dogs or cats at no additional charge. But, we can not administer shots. ex: insulin for diabetes.

When do I pay? And what form of payment do you take?

You pay when you pick up your pet unless you're doing long-term boarding, which then we require 2 weeks paid in advance when dropping off. 

We take cash and credit cards. We no longer accept checks.

Does your kennel have A/C and heat?

Yes, both dog buildings and cat room have A/C and heat that we use depending on the season.